When replacing your old equipment to eliminate structural and maintenance problems, new components will drastically improve your overall plant capabilities. Each of our custom components are designed to provide highly efficient operation over a wide range of heads and flows. Whether you need your propeller unit converted to a Kaplan runner, your Francis unit replaced, or you’re looking to improve fish passage or increased dissolved oxygen in the water downstream of your plant, American Hydro can build the hydro equipment you need to be successful.

Rugged reliability.  This is the foundation of our new American Hydro™ turbine design.  Experienced engineers know the pitfalls and never compromise on structural integrity.  Hydro components have to work and they have to last.

American Hydro starts from the foundation. It is precisely our comprehensive knowledge of turbines and their components which allows us to apply new technologies and innovation.  Kaplan, Francis, propellers, pump-turbines, pumps, Seagulls: American Hydro can supply the new complete equipment package.  Our technology enhances your revenues; our experience ensures your success.