Owner: Alabama Power
Location: Black Warrior River, Alabama
Size: 5.89 m
Power: 54 MW
Net Head: 20.12 m

Scope of Work:

  • New Runner
  • New Wicket Gates
  • New Head Gates
  • New Stop Logs
  • New trash rack guide rails
  • New Powerhouse door (wider for new one piece runner)
  • New grease system including bronze bushing and wear pads.
  • New servo, bearing, water, air and brake piping.
  • New HPL system
  • Rehabilitated Headcover
  • Rehabilitated Bottom Ring
  • Rehabilitated Linkage
  • Rehabilitated Gate Ring
  • Rehabilitated Thrust and guide bearings
  • Rehabilitated Servo motors
  • Complete Scroll case concrete surface repair by clan and coating
  • Refurbished and reset stator sole plates including concrete repairs, required lifting of stator
  • Refurbish and re-coat trash racks
  • Rehabilitated Generator and Turbine shaft